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Dean & Melissa Hearts on Fire Honeymoon Session | Hawaii honeymoon photographer, Maui & Portland love photographer

While in Hawaii last year to second shoot a gorgeous wedding (see the blog post here), Maria and I met this incredible couple on their honeymoon.

Dean & Melissa are beautiful, of course, but on top of that...so kind, gentle, supportive of each other, and wonderfully loving.

At home in Arizona, Dean is the executive recruiter for accounting and finances at a firm in Scottsdale, and Melissa is an RN on the ortho neuro trauma floor in their hospital. They are people-helpers, and I like that. :)

I really consider it a pleasure to have photographed them and been able to bear witness to their love during their first days of marriage. :) This is seriously my job?? Thank you, Jesus!


Crystal & Dave Maui Hawaii Wedding | Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Kari Rae Photography

A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of venturing to Maui with my dear friend Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography to second shoot a wedding for her. Oh. My. Goodness! Not only did Maria and I have an amazing trip (ever gone on a tropical vacation with a friend? I highly recommend it), but we got to be a part of an incredibly special union.

Crystal & Dave are such a beautiful couple - so welcoming, fun, and caring. They made Maria and I feel like we were longtime friends, and by the end of the weekend, we were basically buddies with their whole crew of 60 guests. :) Such a party! Please enjoy the photos. I figured now that we're getting into Fall, we could all use a glimpse into sunny Hawaii to bring us back into our happy place. Oh wait...is that just me who desperately needs it? :) I yearn for the Hawaii life! If anyone wants to bring me back...I'll gladly accompany you on your trip. I promise I'm really fun!



Eric & Sandi's Maui Love Shoot | Portland Couples Photographer

My VERY first love shoot ever was of my parents. Because, well, when you are entering into the world of photography...your family & friends become your models (like it or not!). It was really fun for all of us, but I couldn't wait to get them in front of my camera again now that I know what I'm doing ;) This time...we would photograph them IN HAWAII. Because, well, when you are in Hawaii...everything is better. :)

Presenting.....my mom & dad. In love at sunrise!






















Justin & Danielle's Maui Love Shoot | Maui Couples Photographer, Portland Wedding Photographer


November. Maui. Love. Justin & Danielle are both very dear to me.

That could be because Justin is my brother and Danielle is his wife, but I also quite like them as friends!

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing their contagious love in Paradise, and I still dream about it to this day.

My amazing friend Maria was hired to shoot a wedding on Maui in May, and I have the joy of second shooting for her! Dream come true.

Maybe I'll find another lucky couple who wants a love shoot.

Maybe that lucky couple is you & your love.

What do you say?













Justin & Danielle, thank you for being you. Thank you for loving each other with passion, humor, commitment, and joy. Thank you for expressing your love, and letting me document it. I love you guys!