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Crystal & Dave Maui Hawaii Wedding | Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Kari Rae Photography

A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of venturing to Maui with my dear friend Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography to second shoot a wedding for her. Oh. My. Goodness! Not only did Maria and I have an amazing trip (ever gone on a tropical vacation with a friend? I highly recommend it), but we got to be a part of an incredibly special union.

Crystal & Dave are such a beautiful couple - so welcoming, fun, and caring. They made Maria and I feel like we were longtime friends, and by the end of the weekend, we were basically buddies with their whole crew of 60 guests. :) Such a party! Please enjoy the photos. I figured now that we're getting into Fall, we could all use a glimpse into sunny Hawaii to bring us back into our happy place. Oh wait...is that just me who desperately needs it? :) I yearn for the Hawaii life! If anyone wants to bring me back...I'll gladly accompany you on your trip. I promise I'm really fun!



Eric & Sandi's Maui Love Shoot | Portland Couples Photographer

My VERY first love shoot ever was of my parents. Because, well, when you are entering into the world of photography...your family & friends become your models (like it or not!). It was really fun for all of us, but I couldn't wait to get them in front of my camera again now that I know what I'm doing ;) This time...we would photograph them IN HAWAII. Because, well, when you are in Hawaii...everything is better. :)

Presenting.....my mom & dad. In love at sunrise!






















Justin & Danielle's Maui Love Shoot | Maui Couples Photographer, Portland Wedding Photographer


November. Maui. Love. Justin & Danielle are both very dear to me.

That could be because Justin is my brother and Danielle is his wife, but I also quite like them as friends!

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing their contagious love in Paradise, and I still dream about it to this day.

My amazing friend Maria was hired to shoot a wedding on Maui in May, and I have the joy of second shooting for her! Dream come true.

Maybe I'll find another lucky couple who wants a love shoot.

Maybe that lucky couple is you & your love.

What do you say?













Justin & Danielle, thank you for being you. Thank you for loving each other with passion, humor, commitment, and joy. Thank you for expressing your love, and letting me document it. I love you guys!