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It was a spring evening in 2014 and I had just gotten my two foster boys to finally drift off to sleep. I sat down, started scrolling Facebook (you know the drill), and saw a post that a friend put up about essential oils and how her kids were truly enjoying being outside in the springtime since they got oils into their home. You see, I was NOT exactly enjoying the outdoors this time of year. Pretty to look at, but I didn't look pretty doing it, you know what I mean? 

So, I asked her to shoot straight with me and "Tell me what to buy." 

...Now is the part when I would say "The rest is history" but this is a story that should be told.  

Let me catch you up to speed. As soon as my oils arrived, I told my friends about them. Two years later, I haven't stopped talking about them. One thing led to the next, and now my husband Zach and I lead a team of over 20,000 families who are using oils in their everyday lives, for quite literally everything. (And yes, 20,000 seems like a fake, insane number to us too!) 

Some of our team at the Young Living Convention! We are spread out all across the country and the world, so it's a special treat to be together whenever we can! 

Some of our team at the Young Living Convention! We are spread out all across the country and the world, so it's a special treat to be together whenever we can! 

We love the brand of products we chose (Young Living) and the company as a whole. I'll go into that more later. As it stands today, we are Crown Diamond leaders, which means we have found ourselves at nearly the top of the ranking system. It's ridiculous, it really is. ;)

We have had the pleasure of visiting 4 of Young Living's farms - one reason we chose them in the first place - and we now use oils in our home for emotional support, body system support (think immune, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous system, etc.), raising up kiddos in the most toxin-free environment possible, and using God's nature to help our bodies do exactly what they were created to! 

Zach was able to come home from his job to be with us full-time! To work on our business and raise children with me full time. It's one of the best gifts I've ever been given. Especially as foster parents, we see the need for as much loving care from both mamas and daddies as possible, and the children in our home have seen so much growth and felt more security because of it. 

I love my job more than I ever thought I could. I mean it when I say that! My 'co-workers' are some of my best friends; some already were long before we knew about oils, some are new and have become dear to us. I spend my days educating about the power of essential oils, teaching my team how to simply run and grow a successful business while also growing a family, learning more about leadership always, and speaking life and the truth of Jesus into their lives. 

If you're curious about what our journey has looked like, including real numbers, head HERE: 
If you want to see the company's Income Disclosure Statement, which is absolutely mind-blowing, head HERE

The platform we have been blessed with is one that we don't take lightly. As if showing everyone what these oils and toxin-free, plant-based products can do for them wasn't enough, we also get to advocate for things we love like foster care, adoption, missions, strong marriages and relationships, and dreaming big huge God-breathed dreams. It's, well, a dream come true!

 This is where you come in! Whether you are part of our rad team already or thinking about jumping in.... 

You guys, we are in this together. I am learning every single day what these oils can do for us, and I am really seriously INCAPABLE of keeping it to msyelf. So, away we go! 

Me and you. And the other rad person reading this. And the other one too. Heck, maybe there are hundreds of you reading this. But you know what? This is about your journey to a healthier, happier life based on three pillars: wellness, purpose, and abundance. And if you want a few moments to just be somewhere alone with your ever-learning mind, take a load off here.

Essential oils are a big huge topic and I could talk for days about them (and I do!), but my goal is to break it down for you in a way that just makes sense. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't need to feel daunting. 

Roll on some Stress Away, diffuse some Northern Lights Black Spruce, - YUM - and enjoy. I'm here to help. And I'm so happy you're joining us!

Kari Rae


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