The Team

The Team

These are my friends who love their oils and share about them too! Take a look around, read their (incredible) stories, and find someone you connect with! I love these people and I'm so excited for you to meet them. 

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Sydney Hardin 

"...I honestly didn’t think this was a real job in the beginning, and now seeing people 'under me' do amazing things and reaching all kinds of crazy goals is SO fun to see! It’s always fun to celebrate!!"

Casey Zaruba

"I read up on all the different oil companies...but then I read the Seed to Seal. No one else offered the promise of purity, commitment to the product, or humility like Gary Young and Young Living did. I was sold and never looked back."

Tracy Pilch

"I just LOVE seeing women take charge of their dreams and the moment they realize their future is about to change is so incredibly fulfilling."