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Ashley & Matt's Love Shoot | Oregon Engagement Photographer

Today is a very special day; one in which Ashley's mom is celebrated! Today would be the day that Charlotte turned 50. And while she isn't here in the flesh anymore; I believe that she is filled with joy knowing that her beautiful princess found a handsome prince who loves and cares for her almost as much as her mama did.  ;)

As Ashley said, "50 years ago, a very special person was born. She has changed lives for those around her by being an amazing friend, supporter, sister, daughter, and most of all mother. We all would LOVE to see the look on her face today, as she dreaded turning 50! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM  We all love and miss you so much. ♥"

So Charlotte, this post is for you today! Happy birthday!

Matt is a manly man and Ashley is a girly girl, but they both admit that Matt has "softened up" a little since he met Ashley..how could he not? Just look at her sweet, pretty face!

Ashley was excited to take this photo and she confessed that she asks (er, demands) Matt to hold her pretty often. I don't think he minds.. :)

Oh yes. The camo jackets. Matt gave Ashley a gift of her very own jacket and if we're asking about my opinion, I'd say they should probably model for Cabela's. Heck, I'm ready to go hunting with my man now! But only if we'll look this cute...

Okay. If you're anything like me, you could hardly handle the cute factor of these two. But oh, we're not done!! Please watch this video, filled with all of my favorite images. Set it to 720p if you can, and watch it full-screen! Be still, my heart!!!