Kari Rae

Excited about Branding!

Phew! It's been a long process, but I've finally arrived!! As this little business continues to be blessed (thank you, Lord! And thank you, everyone who has let me photograph you!), it becomes more & more important for me to have great branding.


The journey has been long, and often daunting & confusing, but I feel like I've finally landed in a place that just feels right. And boy, does that feel good!!! When designing all of my branding, I wanted something that would be easy to recognize and reflective of me & my work. So then came the question: WHO IN THE WORLD AM I???


I mean, I know who I am. I really do. I especially know WHOSE I am. But in all honesty, I think He just created me to like everything! (Thanks God. But you sure made branding difficult for me! ;) ) There is so much awesomeness in the world! I'd like to think that there is a place for all of it in my happy heart.


But just like all good things, my desire to have it all in one little package had to come to an end. I had to be really honest with myself about who I was, what my personality is like, what I LOVE, and what I want to be. I started putting together a Pinterest board with everything I liked. (If you happened to be on Pinterest while I was pinning...my apologies ;) I kind of went crazy!)


Here is my favorite part of the story:

I was originally leaning toward a soft color palette with a very lovely feel to it. Then I started noticing my urge to lean toward certain colors..I drug some photos featuring my favorite colors into Photoshop so I could see them all together. I selected the color from each image and made a square of that color, putting them all side by side together. Then I wanted to see my watermark on top, just to be sure it was semi-cohesive. And BAM! The birth of my branding. It happened just like that - on accident (or was it?).


I loved what I saw.

I put it on everything.

And here we are!

Feast your eyes upon my creation, and please let me know what you think!! Enjoy!

My business card.


The CD label.

The front of my Senior Guide :) Seniors, I'm SO excited for you to get this guide! I had a blast making it!

And finally, here was the original inspiration board. Do you see where all the colors came from? Pretty fun!! :)