Kari Rae

Paul & Brooke's Love Shoot | Oregon Wedding Photographer

I'm just going to let you in on a little something here: Paul owes Brooke's mom. Big-time! Brooke's mom had come to visit Brooke at school. The two of them took a little trip to peruse the aisles of Fred Meyer. The last thing Brooke was expecting was to run into her future husband - and alas, she did.

Paul & Brooke recognized each other from around campus, so they exchanged a quick conversation. She noticed how much of a gentleman he was...but the conversation ended.

Without thinking much of it, Brooke continued her shopping. But her mom was a bit more hung up on the interaction...

"Brooke!" her mom reminded her.."he's cute!"

Brooke agreed. And she still does - now more than ever!

As if the picture doesn't already say a thousand words, Paul definitely feels the same way about his beautiful, loving fiancee.

Paul proposed with a family heirloom ring at the top of a beautiful hike.

He surprised her by bringing along her family & close friends to celebrate as soon as they returned - and if you know Brooke at all, you know that she LOVED having that celebration with loved ones!

The couple will be married this summer surrounded, once again, by their family & friends. And they will be joyfully sent into a lifetime of love & friendship with each other!

Congratulations, Paul & Brooke!!! Zach and I absolutely loved photographing your love and having you over for a Session Premiere.

Not only did these lovebirds add some beauty to my portfolio, but my husband and I gained two new friends - gosh, I love what I do!