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Logan & Rikki's Washington Sunflower Estate Wedding | Kari Rae Photography, Portland Wedding Photographer

Logan & Rikki.

Oh, what a delight it's been to have these two join my life! My handsome husband and I had the distinct honor of freezing some of the most romantic moments in time at this wedding. Their gorgeous, fog-filled engagement session was a treat. But their sunny summer sunflower surrounded wedding was the perfect representation of the emotions all throughout the day.

L & R did not look away from each other all day (okay, maybe once. Twice tops!). All they could do was adore the other and laugh (Logan) or squeal (Rikki) or cry (both) with delight at the fact that they were finally here on their wedding day. Seriously the cutest. 


Enjoy :)

Dan & Maddi's Green Villa Barn Wedding | Portland Wedding Photographer | Happy Anniversary

A year ago on May 5th, I had the pleasure of photographing Dan & Maddi's wedding day at the Green Villa Barn in Independence, Oregon. On their anniversary, I was still on Maui shooting a wedding with Anthem Photography by Maria Lamb. The fun thing is, Maria second-shot Dan & Maddi's weeding with me! So we celebrated together ;) As a special congrats to D&M on their first anniversary, I thought I'd post their wedding to the blog! Who knows why I didn't the first time.

Maddi and I are now dreaming of & planning a destination shoot for the two of them... here's hoping! :)











































Dan and Maddi, Happy 1st Anniversary!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day..it was beautiful; as is your love for each other. :) What a pleasure to document it! You two are awesome...many blessings for all the years of your marriage.

Rory & Erin's Mt. Hood Wedding | Oregon Wedding Photographer

It was 1 year and 5 days ago when I first heard from Erin. I had completed my first season of weddings (phew!) and the new year had begun.

She wrote to me saying that she was getting married in September up at the gorgeous Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.

We talked, decided we were a fabulous fit for each other, and booked their wedding! September 9, 2012. I. could. not. wait.

We kept in contact throughout the year - dreaming and planning and getting giddy about the day. It was all worth it.

Rory & Erin have two precious little girls, who were very involved in the ceremony...perusing the aisle and winning over the hearts of all the guests :)

Overall, it was a lovely day, and I can't wait to share these images from our freezing cold September morning on the mountain.






































Ceremony Location: Timberline Lodge, Raven's Nest Timberline also catered and provided the cake! They are a fantastic venue and I highly recommend them for a smooth, lovely wedding day

Florist: Distinctive Designs by Denice

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Aleah Pursley - Stylist

Wedding Dress: Allure, from Blush Bridal Boutique Erin & Rory, thank you for choosing Kari Rae Photography to capture the joy & beauty of your life, your love, YOU!

Matt & Lindsey's Oregon Vineyard Wedding - Kari Rae Photography

There are some weddings that just leave you feeling more in love. Matt & Lindsey's was just that. Not to mention blessed. Actually, the day started off a little rocky for me. My sweet & handsome husband was "assigned" to be my second shooter & assistant for the day, but as we were driving to the venue (McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon), I realized that the cold he was fighting was worse than we thought. I quickly called up my new friend Becca (another photographer whom I had just met a few days prior), and she came to my rescue! By the grace of God, she was free on this lovely day and available to make it to the venue before I even started shooting! So, a HUGE thanks goes out to Miss Becca Dryer for all of your help!

But back to the newlyweds... Matt & Lindsey are a couple that you can look at and just know that they belong to each other. Together, they are so peace-filled, gracious and joyful. Matt has spent a few years serving our country (thank you for your service!!), and is clearly a strong man. But the way he interacts with Lindsey is full of grace and a tender heart...and Lindsey? She absolutely lights up whenever he is around.


The spot where they had their first date, and then their first kiss, is now the location where they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day...

I always work with my couples to figure out the best timeline for photos on their big day...so the fantastic hour of couple's portraits we have was spent all around the amazing campus of McMenamin's Edgefield.

The Wedding Party truly lived up to the latter half of their name :) So fun!

(Thank you, Becca, for capturing the above 3 images - they are lovely portraits!!)

LOVE their gold rings.

Tablescapes and details - so classy and elegant. The peach, green and creamy tan color scheme was incredibly lovely.

Aaaand a cigar bar. Nothing could be cooler.

And the two shall become one...

Immediately following the ceremony, Matt & Lindsey ran off into a garden to spend a few minutes basking in the joy that is known as wedded bliss. :) These were beautiful moments. I'm surprised these pictures came out clearly...my eyes were misty the entire time.

This reception was sentimental, funny, and a party all in one. Everything it should be.

Matt & Lindsey, if I haven't made it clear yet...I like you guys a lot. Thank you so much for loving each other with tender spirits and blazing hearts. You are in for a lifetime of blessings from our God!

Kyle & Lindsey - Wedding at The Oregon Garden | Kari Rae Photography, Oregon Wedding Photographer

I am completely and utterly giddy over these wedding images! Kyle & Lindsey were married at The Oregon Garden in Silverton on July 7th, 2012. It was a magical day for everyone - most of all for the newlyweds, but also for my husband Zach and myself! Our wedding was at The Oregon Garden just 8 months earlier and this was our first time back... This time, rather than marrying the one we love, we got to DO what we love and photograph together! Such a cool experience. :)

This sweet couple ordered a gorgeous wedding album, which I am also totally freaking out about..so I decided to do this post a little differently and actually put up some images of the album design (which explains the little line down the center..that's the page crease!).

I am pretty sure every single bride & groom of mine will now walk away with a wedding album; you just HAVE to have one..they are gorgeous, timeless, and truly family heirlooms.

A sweet word from the bride: "I am so grateful for your attitude throughout the whole experience, you really put us at ease!  It was so much FUN shooting with you, and I loved how you guided us.."

"It's obvious that you absolutely LOVE what you do, which makes everything a whole lot more fun!" -Lindsey

"You have such a talent for capturing "the moment" -Lindsey

Why yes, dear viewer, she DID have two beautiful wedding dresses! And they blessed me with extra time to photograph in the second dress before partying it up at the reception. Oh, my heart was happy!

And to end their fairytale day? A horse-drawn carriage...

Kyle & Lindsey, may you be filled with God's love & joy throughout your lives together! It's HIS love that will always take you to your most fulfilling relationship together. Stand by each other, have fun with each other, and kiss each other as if each day is your wedding day.. because in reality, you have to choose to love your spouse with each new day (and I love that!).

Your love is inspiring and it's been an honor to be a part of the joining of your lives together.

Many blessings to you both!!