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Kyle & Lindsey - Wedding at The Oregon Garden | Kari Rae Photography, Oregon Wedding Photographer

I am completely and utterly giddy over these wedding images! Kyle & Lindsey were married at The Oregon Garden in Silverton on July 7th, 2012. It was a magical day for everyone - most of all for the newlyweds, but also for my husband Zach and myself! Our wedding was at The Oregon Garden just 8 months earlier and this was our first time back... This time, rather than marrying the one we love, we got to DO what we love and photograph together! Such a cool experience. :)

This sweet couple ordered a gorgeous wedding album, which I am also totally freaking out about..so I decided to do this post a little differently and actually put up some images of the album design (which explains the little line down the center..that's the page crease!).

I am pretty sure every single bride & groom of mine will now walk away with a wedding album; you just HAVE to have one..they are gorgeous, timeless, and truly family heirlooms.

A sweet word from the bride: "I am so grateful for your attitude throughout the whole experience, you really put us at ease!  It was so much FUN shooting with you, and I loved how you guided us.."

"It's obvious that you absolutely LOVE what you do, which makes everything a whole lot more fun!" -Lindsey

"You have such a talent for capturing "the moment" -Lindsey

Why yes, dear viewer, she DID have two beautiful wedding dresses! And they blessed me with extra time to photograph in the second dress before partying it up at the reception. Oh, my heart was happy!

And to end their fairytale day? A horse-drawn carriage...

Kyle & Lindsey, may you be filled with God's love & joy throughout your lives together! It's HIS love that will always take you to your most fulfilling relationship together. Stand by each other, have fun with each other, and kiss each other as if each day is your wedding day.. because in reality, you have to choose to love your spouse with each new day (and I love that!).

Your love is inspiring and it's been an honor to be a part of the joining of your lives together.

Many blessings to you both!!