Kari Rae

Behind the Scenes - Portland Senior Photographer | Kari Rae Photography

Yesterday was amazing. I can't believe how blessed I was/am to work with such an incredibly talented and beautiful team of women (and one man; my handsome husband!) 13 Senior Models. 10 Hours. 6 Hair & Makeup Stylists. 2 Locations. 1 Wardrobe Stylist. 2 Assistants. 2 Horse Owners willing to share. 1 Hospitality Specialist ;) 1 Videographer. 1 Handsome husband with a camera. 1 Me.

You put them all together and what do you get? Apparently magic.

I'm still smiling...still in awe...still so thankful for the day that God provided us! It was unexpectedly freeeezing out, but the girls handled it like champs and the light and weather were actually PERFECT for the visions behind the shoots.

My oh my, I'm so excited to work on all of these images! But for now, some sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes images to how it all happened...

Video to come soon! :)




















As soon as we were done, the horses did a valiant lap around the pasture... they were celebrating with us! (My husband captured these last two shots...LOVE the motion!)