Kari Rae

A Rodeo Princess & Her Handsome Horse | Oregon Senior Photographer, Kari Rae Photography

This session has been a long time comin'.... Rebeckah and I have been chatting and dreaming about it for months, and I'm thrilled to be creating this post! Beckah is a 2013 Senior, and although she already had senior photos taken, her desire was to have a special shoot with her gorgeous boy Jet. And it was made extra special because she is a real-life princess with him! Beckah was crowned a 2013 Interstate Rodeo Princess.... exactly 60 years after her grandmother was given the title of Rodeo Queen in Molalla.

The beautiful purple western shirt we started the shoot in belonged to her grandmother. And they were sure to order some extra products of these images just to give to grandma. :)

Okay. Enough from me.

ENJOY this beauty!!!

Oh! And check out these first 3 images. Look at their feet. So IN SYNC!! I love ittt! What a team.